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These archives are presented mainly for your amusement. Many of the links are probably dead but you might enjoy reading my ramblings.


The new job is working out well. However, my personal life has taken a front seat as we've just bought our first house! It's quite a learning experience and there's a lot to do after we move in next week. I did get that G4 cube too. It's a beautiful machine. You hardly know it's a computer.

I'm listening the first soundboard bootleg I've heard of any recent tour - Morrissey Live In Chile. It's very good. Buy it if you see it for sale anywhere.


Hello. Checking in again here. Life has been a whirlwind lately. I'm switching jobs at the beginning of October. So I'm busy this month wrapping up things at my old job and then October will be spent figuring out my new job. What this means to you, the reader, is that this site is going into hibernation (as if it hasn't been already!). Things have been quiet on the Morrissey front lately anyway. Unfortunately a lot of the ,um, multimedia stuff is housed at my current job so get it while you can! I'll be exploring more web hosting options in the future to get more space.

The Rank project isn't finished and needs some re-working but you can try it out here. The hi-fi versions are rather high bandwidth so an ultra-fast connection is recommended. I need to do more work on creating streaming video at reasonable download rates. I am looking into a new computer that will help me more easily do video at home. It's too time-consuming on my current machine and the hard drive is too small. It's time to move up to a G4 cube.

Thanks for your visits. And if anyone knows of a soundboard CD bootleg of the recent tour drop me a line!


Geeze, you get distracted and 2 months go by! Zoom! Work has been occupying much of my time recently as has the summer weather. I'm also working on streaming video of the Rank concert. I'm fine-tuning video-quality and download speed. It's rather tedious. But in the end it'll be pretty cool. Hang in there.

I'm also helping my wife with her new website doing technical stuff. That's been keeping me busy most recently. It's still in development so I can't even post the URL yet!

But I did add a new jukebox in the Features section. It has some tracks from the 1986 Peel Session and a 1995 concert. Enjoy.


Just checking in again. I've been playing with streaming Quicktime and it's quite fun. If you have a fast Internet connection – University LAN, cable modem or DSL – it's a good deal. The video is streamed to you like RealPlayer and there's no file to download. I made a test page here.

I've got a small pile of updates to work on in the near future and I need to think of some cool stuff to do on this site for the summer. I've got the Rank concert on video tape (audience recording) maybe I could stream that out?


Yep, still alive here. I've been busy redesigning my personal pages and my work recently moved locations. The move and construction at the new location has been less smooth than I had hoped so I've been putting in extra hours there. I've just been avoiding computers outside of work – I haven't even checked my home e-mail in over a week! (That's rather long for me).

I've been having fun playing with video digitizing of old home movies and am feeling inspired to do some new quicktimes for the site probably after the academic year ends in May. The concert seems like such a distant memory now. I could really use a good soundboard recording of this awesome tour. Kiss The Stone save me!


What a concert! I had a great time. You can find my thoughts at under the St. Paul show (even though it was moved to Minneapolis) or here. I've worked on the navigation bar a bit -- adding some rollovers to help you PC users and adding the site modification date and link to this page. I've noticed on PCs that the dark greys look too dark and are hard to read. I'm hoping the white rollovers will make things easier.


Well the concert is tonight! I'm glad I watch the websites otherwise I wouldn't have known the show was moved to the Quest Club in downtown Minneapolis. So you can disregard all my info below. Don't go to Roy Wilkins Auditorium! Maybe I'll see you there?


Only 6 days until Morrissey returns to the Twin Cities! I've been reading to see what to expect. They have a lovely new design as well. I added a link to Johnny Marr's new official website on the MozWeb. It's quite a nice site.


Okay, a few people have found it difficult to e-mail me with the redesign. I admit I was being a little tricky. Here's a hint: click on Morrissey's picture in the navigation bar above. That should get you close! :)


I've added a few more desktop-sized images to the Pictures section of Features. I decided to scan in my Smiths CD covers as sort of a tribute to them. They were some unique covers.

I also just read on that Morrissey will be touring Central and South America! I know I get a lot of e-mail from fans in that part of the world who are dieing for a show. It looks like you'll get some shows!


I got my tickets yesterday – general admission! I'm glad I didn't camp out or anything. Looks like I'll have to camp out to get in early though. I'll have to read up at to get mentally prepared for this tour. No real site updates today though.


First off, the auction kinda flopped. What happened? Was it too hard to bid? Not as easy as eBay? Did you not like the items? Did you already finish your Christmas shopping? Please let me know and I'll pass your thoughts on.

Not much for updates today. I was busy visiting relatives for the holidays so I'm lacking in free time. I've got some ideas for new content and will be working on it soon. One big item is the new e-mail list Maladjusted, lifeline for many fans. I also added some more scans of fanzine covers on the Fanzine Page.

I read today that it looks like Morrissey is returning to the Twin Cities on February 8th at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul. Here's a link to some info about the venue and here's a map to it. You can also click on the thumbnail below to get a big map of the area. I hope to see you there. I think I'll wear my old "Ask" email list t-shirt in case you want to find me.

Thinking about seeing Morrissey in concert again takes me back to my last concert experience, the opening of the 1992 "Your Arsenal" Tour at the Orpheum in Minneapolis on September 12. That was just over 7 seven years ago! My how my life has changed since then. I wonder if I'll react any differently to hearing him live now? We'll have to see.



My web provider, Pair Networks, moved locations on Monday. There have been some problems with the Internet connection at the new facility. This has caused this site to be very slow. Hopefully the problems will be resolved soon.


I'm uploading the new site tonight rather than on the 8th. This'll give a little more time for people to hear about the auction. I've also found a mirror site for most of the larger files in the Sounds and Movies areas of Features. Hopefully this alternate site will improve download reliability. Welcome to !


I'm still putting the final polishes on the new design. I added a Soundcheck from 1985 to the Sounds area of Features. I've also made the page for the special auction that Recordings Unlimited is hosting in association with this site. Don't forget this site looks best with the Georgia font from Microsoft. This new look will go live on December 8 and I think everything is almost ready!


I'm putting the final touches on the new design. It's not up yet so no one should be even reading this yet. I'm also cleaning out my pile of updates I've been putting off. My web provider will be moving on December 6 so this page will be down for a few hours.