These archives are presented mainly for your amusement. Many of the links are probably dead but you might enjoy reading my ramblings.

So many changes! The site's design evolution should be first thing you noticed. I wanted to change but try to stay with the general feel of my pages. I decided to pick a font for my pages, Georgia. If you have installed a Microsoft program like Office 97/98 or Internet Explorer you should already have it. If not, you can get it here. The dark border was inspired by Morrissey-Solo's recent first redesign. David has since moved to a modified version. But I also wanted to shrink the header and move to a side navigation bar on the sub-pages. My main page is less graphically intensive than the previous one.
The other big addition is more stuff on the Multimedia Page. Unfortunately the files are only available during the workday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. CST, Monday - Friday. I am working to get them onto a 24-hour server. But I think you'll find them worth it! With my new second hard drive I can do better digitizing at home and with QuickTime 3.0 I can get excellent quality in a small file. But you need a moderately fast computer to play back the movies at their highest quality. I'd suggest a Pentium 200 or PowerPC 120 or faster. The 4 new ones, "I Don't Owe You Anything," "What Difference Does It Make?," "Our Frank," and "Shoplifters of The World Unite" are 320x240 (play them double size and you can fill a 14" monitor!) at 15 fps (half the frame rate of film) with CD-quality sound (compressed with the same compressor I use on the Morrissey Jukebox). Also, many of my files I was keeping on another server have been removed from there so now they're on this limited-time-up server as well. I also brought back the Moz Tour as some people wanted it.
Thanks for your visits of the past year. I look forward to more Moz in '99!

I finally got off my behind and did some scanning! I've got pictures of all my books at the Cemetry Gates Bookstore. So now you know what they look like!
I also scanned a few postcards and a photograph for more desktop backgrounds on the Multimedia Page. That scanner really shows the blemishes in those old postcards. Perhaps I shouldn't have left them on my dorm room wall so long, oh those were the days.....
A welcome addition to the MozWeb, Frankly Vulgar sports a great MP3 archive!
I've got my second hard drive on my home computer so now I can do some digitizing. I'm working on getting some more webspace for such files. I'm also planning a redesign of the site. It's about that time again!

The Morrissey Jukebox has been shuffled. Be sure to see what new songs I've put into rotation. I've started putting a basic copyright thing at the bottom of my pages. I've wanted to avoid doing it, but a few incidents of people "taking things on loan" rather blatantly have forced me to do something.
I now have access to flatbed scanners again so I hope to do some scanning soon to liven up the Multimedia Page. Stay tuned!

I'm just doing a few minor updates here and there today. I also have gotten some space on a server with RealAudio capabilities. I've added a few songs to the Multimedia Page to see how well it works. One of the tracks is the How Soon Is Now 12" that I used to have in MP3 format -- many of you have been asking about it.

I'm still fine-tuning the Morrissey Jukebox for PC users. Of course it looks like I want it to on my Mac (since that's where I designed it) but on PCs font sizes are different so I have to make sure you PC users can read all the selections! If you're a PC user I'd love to hear some feedback on whether the Morrissey Jukebox worked for you. I have limited access to PCs but I'll try to test it out this week.
Thanks for stopping by!

I've added some great links to the FAQ from Tim Costello. They are links to "James Dean Is Not Dead" and "The New York Dolls" books by Morrissey.
I'm also putting the finishing touches on a cool new feature here, the Morrissey Jukebox. You can keep it open while surfing the Internet. I plan to rotate 6 tracks in the jukebox frequently. The time to digitize and compress these isn't too bad so I should be able to do quick changes. They're all QDesign compressed Quicktime 3 movies. With latest version of Quicktime, these are streamed to your browser much like RealAudio. If you click on the song title, a new window will open showing which bootleg the track came from.

I'm nearly caught up on e-mails now. You may have noticed that the Multimedia Page has lost some material. I'm currently looking into options for some free space to store my files.
I've made some updates and additions to the FAQ -- especially some info on the elusive HSIN girl! I've added some more concert reviews to my Maladjusted Tour page. There's quite a lot there for you fans who haven't seen Morrissey live. I've also added some stores to my Shopping Page. I've added a new fanzine, "Everybodys Staring," to the Fanzine Page and "The More You Abhor Me" is no longer being published. I've added a new bootleg CD, Girl Afraid, to my Smiths bootleg CD list and added links to Kiss The Stone as well.
I've completely re-done the MozWeb. It was hard. I had to drop many great sites and it was difficult deciding which to keep. Just because I dropped your site doesn't mean I didn't like it. It just didn't fit into the new theme. I'll add more sites as time goes on.

Yes, I am alive! I didn't forget about my site. I just had a difficult move and am still settling in. I'm even further behind on emails. So don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm just working on catching up. As you may have guessed my vacation time was spent getting ready to move so my changes to the MozWeb will be coming in the near future. Also, many of the movies on the Multimedia Page are living on my old job's website so their lives are limited. Get 'em while you can! Once I figure out what's live and dead I'll get the page in shape again. Thanks for stopping!

I hope everyone celebrated Morrissey's birthday last Friday. Not many changes today. In June I'll have some vacation time so I can catch up on things here. I just wanted to plug the current issue of "Wilde About Morrissey" on the Fanzine Page. Travis just sent me an e-mail saying he's got 30 copies of that interview CD, "The Limited Edition Morrissey interview CD 1997" (Mercury MECD 151), to include with his fanzine.

Well it's Morrissey birthday month. Are you counting down the days? Let's see, he'll be 39 this year, next year will be a biggie!
I just wanted to let you know that in the next 2 months I'll be moving and looking for a new job. So my updates here will be few an far between. Hopefully in July I'll be settled and back at it. I've got a few ideas of things to do -- for example I think I'm changing the purpose of the MozWeb. But I'm keeping the name! Rather than be a link list, which is impossible to keep up -- I'll leave that to the most excellent site The Shoplifter's Union -- I want to highlight sites that are my favorites and say why. Now these will be my favorites. I'm not saying they are "the best" or "better" than others. I know that can make people feel bad about their hard work. I just want to highlight sites that have something special to offer the reader.
That's one idea for later. If you haven't found out, I'm a month behind on e-mail replies and it's not getting better anytime soon. So don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm just out looking for a home and a job. Once the essentials are secured I'll get back to replies.

I've made a few updates to the FAQ. I've linked all the songs in my parts to John's lyric pages. I was able to keep my previous movie selections on the Multimedia Page by moving them off my primary web servers and onto my machine at work. The best time to download those is at night as I'm generally using my work machine from 8 am - 4 pm CST. Thanks for dropping by!

Yes, I am still alive. Real life has gotten rather busy recently so I haven't done much with these pages. I've nearly finished the sub-page changes - nothing big really. I just played with colored tables a little more.
Stephane has sent me updated versions of his files. They've been added to the Information Page. Travis from "Wilde about Morrissey" has moved and I've updated his fanzine's address. In case you haven't heard, Thank Your Lucky Stars, perhaps the best Smiths bootleg CD out there has been re-released. Buy it here. It also looks like Kiss The Stone, my favorite bootleg CD company, has re-opened after being down for several months.
I've added some new stuff to the Multimedia Page. I've removed the old desktop pictures and added some new ones scanned from Peepholism. I made some new movies with the recently released QuickTime 3.0. I've got mixed feelings about the release. On the positive side there's new codecs (COmpressor/DECompressors) for making movies. One called Sorenson does a great job of making small movies of nice quality. Unfortunately it requires a faster computer than the Cinepak codec that was standard for the older QuickTimes. Also, the copy/paste/new features found in the standard Macintosh 2.5 version aren't in the free version of the QuickTime 3.0. You can upgrade to the Pro version for $30 to get those features. Now Windows95/NT users can copy/paste/new with the Pro version as well. So I've decided to not cut up any new movies into pieces.
Speaking of new movies, I made some using this new codec from some older TV appearances. I've got Morrissey's appearance on Hangin' w/MTV from August 5, 1992. And I've got The Smiths on the Tube performing "Panic" on July 5, 1986. Both these movies have a slightly larger window size than my previous creations. Also I used the QDesign Music codec for the audio so they should sound better too. The QDesign Music codec really compresses well and with the QuickTime 3.0 web plug-in I can do music streaming without any special software like RealAudio. I may try switching from MP3 to this QDesign audio in the future.
Speaking of Travis from "Wilde about Morrissey," you can see Travis fall out of the crowd in the "Certain People I Know" clip at about the 1 minute 46 second mark. And 9 seconds later he gets shoved back into the crowd by security - ouch!

I'm just making a few changes to the look of the sub-pages. Nothing major though.

Sorry for the long delay between updates. It's been a busy month off-line for me. I ran the MozWeb through Big Brother to clean out dead links. Whew! I'm glad Shoplifter's Union keeps up with the ever-changing location of pages. I added a recent bootleg to my Morrissey Bootleg CD list. I added the first South American fanzine, 'Handsome Devils', to my Fanzine Page and the fanzine 'Moz' is back because of reader demand! I added another place to buy Smiths sheet music to my little Sheet Music Page. It looks Stephane, whose work can been found on the Information Page, has his own site now called "Passions Just Like Mine." His discographies are a must-have for every fan. I also made some minor changes to the FAQ.
I've had a few people say they're having trouble playing the MP3 files on the Multimedia Page after downloading them. Your browser may be transferring them as text rather than binary. To make sure they're downloaded as binary, option-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) on the files to download them directly to your hard drive. Let me know if this doesn't help.

Not a lot of changes today. I did some needed updates to my parts of the FAQ. I got the single for "Satan Rejected My Soul" from CDNow yesterday. That has to be my favorite track off "Maladjusted."

Get your modems ready! I added some interesting stuff to the Multimedia Page today. I digitized some unique clips from a video tape I copied from a friend a few years ago. First is a tour of places Morrissey spent time at in his youth given by Morrissey. I'm guessing this clip is from around the time of "The Queen Is Dead" judging by some of the other stuff on the tape. If anyone knows the date of this, let me know. Second is the audience footage of The Smiths covering the James song "What's The World?" at Glasgow, September 1985. You may recall this rare track appeared on the US CD single for "Sweet And Tender Hooligan." The audio was horrible on the footage so I replaced the it with the CD's.
I found a JavaScript for doing random banners for the Shopping Page. More banners will appear there as I take the time to find them. Don't worry, I'll keep the banners off my other pages. I'll never have banners on my main page. This just helps make the Shopping Page a little more readable.
I've also gotten several emails from fans who found this site after my radio appearance in Australia. Thanks for visiting!

Just a few updates today. The Multimedia Page is smelling a bit stale recently. I'll look into some new material for it. I added Ingrid's World of Morrissey page to the MozWeb. Her page is available in both English and Spanish. I've made a few additions to the Shopping Page. I'm looking for a JavaScript that can do random banners for that page. Right now the banners seem out of place in the list.
My big news of the day was that I was on Australian Radio! A program called 'The J-Files' had a special on The Smiths and Morrissey. The DJ Paul called me up an interviewed me live for the show! He also interviewed David Tseng of Morrissey-Solo fame. That was my first time on the radio. If anyone heard it, did I sound OK?

I just wanted to remind you about the Cemetry Gates Bookstore I started it at the end of last year -- in case you hadn't checked my 1997 updates page. It has info on many of the great Morrissey and Smiths books available with links to buy them from I added several guitar tab files to my Tab Archive from SerCas2. I've been adding questions and answers to my sections of the FAQ too.

The FAQ is online!
John Levon of It All May End Tomorrow and Scott Krajewski of Cemetry Gates (uh, that's me!) have teamed up to produce the ultimate Morrissey and The Smiths FAQ. It lives on both our sites with each of us being in charge of different sections. At the bottom of each section you'll see who's in charge of that section. The FAQ contribution form gets sent to both of us in case you want to submit possible questions and answers. The starting page for the FAQ is Enjoy!

Click here to read about changes I made in 1997.