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These archives are presented mainly for your amusement. Many of the links are probably dead but you might enjoy reading my ramblings.


Happy Holidays to all! I've moved Rank ahead to the next song. I also changed the current MP3 album.


I've moved Rank ahead to the next song, Ask. I hope you're enjoying the files.


That hospitalization, not mine, has kept me busy these past few weeks helping with recovery. Also the house project (see 1 year ago!) has picked up steam and we're in the final run (hopefully) to get a kitchen together after 1.5 years. Thus, I've been neglecting the site. But the last Rank song is back up in case you missed it.

We're still reeling from the loss of Senator Paul Wellstone. I'm not terribly into politics but his sudden death has really affected me. It just feels like the voice of reason in the Senate has been silenced.


Sorry I've been away for a while. A family hospitalization has kept me busy the past 2 weeks. I added an old old Morrissey bootleg to the audio page so you luck ones who have seen Moz on this tour can compare him to 11 years ago.


I've posted Everyday Is Like Sunday from the Late Late Show on the movies page. I've also taken down the Rank song and the MP3s because I expect a tidal wave of fans downloading the song.


I've started development of my next site project as noted below. I'm going to use Zope to build it since I can't find just the right web scripts to do what I want to do. The new site shouldn't interfere with this site but if it does I apologize in advance.


A-Z Maps got mad at me for the copies of their maps I had in my MozGuide. I've had to remove all the maps. I'll work on getting proper ones from them.


The MP3s were smelling stale so I put a new CD up on the audio page. It's a not-so-great audience recording from 1985 but at least The Smiths are playing in Manchester.


I've rotated the song on the Rank page again.


I've rotated the song on the Rank page again.


I've rotated the song on the Rank page again.


I've rotated the song on the Rank page. I took down some of the MP3s as our DSL line is getting saturated. More will return later.


I've rotated some of the MP3s on the audio page and added the start of the Rank show on the movies page. The individual videos are HUGE because I wanted to digitize them at high quality as my video tapes are aging. I'll try to rotate the Rank song every week or so.


Things have been running through DSL for a week now and everything seems to work fine in my testing. I've re-activated some of the MP3s on the audio page since the badwidth hasn't been a problem yet. I'm still working on refining the new site I'm planning. I hope to have something interesting in the next few weeks.


Well, if you're reading this then the switchover has worked. If not, then I must be still working the kinks out. The site is now located in my house which gives me more control over it which is good. The downfall is that DSL is not that fast and streaming video is not going to work. So I might just have to put up the Rank songs one at a time.

I am also planning on a re-focus of the site. I might get a new domain name or just create a subdomain. Anyway, this site will enter a static mode and I'll be focusing on the new site which will be more dynamic and will take components of this one. I think it will be pretty fun and a resource to a certain niche of fans. Stay tuned!

Until then I'll try to bring some fresh content in to keep you interested.


The site will be moving hosts in the next 2 months so expect some downtime. Though pair networks has been awesome, I can't afford to keep these pages hosted here anymore. I'll be moving to a cheaper alternative, my own server, which will give me the ability to try interesting stuff like streaming video (I have the Rank concert mostly digitized) and cool CGIs. It should be a fun summer.

I apologize in advance for the inevitable downtime. But I hope in the long run it will be worth it.


Just a few updates today. The shopping page has a new shop. The audio page has some returned Mp3s. Also, if any of you use Mozilla then you might notice something interesting.

I feel I should send out a big thanks to the kind women at for sending some $$ my way from their fundraising drive.


I'm going to slowly start to replace MP3s on the audio page. I've gotten my bandwidth increased and I've been ripping my bootlegs into iTunes so I'll have a lot more choices available. I've also re-done the Moz Jukebox and added some more songs. If you haven't guessed the kitchen still isn't done and this site is on the back burner (though I have no stove).