These archives are presented mainly for your amusement. Many of the links are probably dead but you might enjoy reading my ramblings.
12/31/97 I've got some great end-of-the-year updates today. "SMITHS DEAD -- A Morrissey and Smiths zine" has its own web page now. Click on the title to go there. I've added some more tour reviews to the Maladjusted Tour Page. Remember my little book page? Well now it's my Cemetry Gates Bookstore! I've joined with to bring you my Cemetry Gates Bookstore. You can order many of the books listed there from! Be sure to check it out.
The FAQ is coming. John is on holiday until January 5. So after his return we'll get it posted. Here's a preview: The FAQ will be hosted on both our sites. There are 7 sections with me in charge of 3 and John 4. The sections are Who's Who, General "What ..." Questions, Lyrics Questions, Music/Video Questions, Record Questions, Trivia Questions, and Histories. There will also be a form for you to submit questions (hopefully with answers!). We hope this is a document that grows over time with your input.
Now some closing remarks for 1997. Thanks everyone for visiting my site so much in 1997. I hope 1998 is as active a year. With all the new sites popping up daily I feared my site would fade away. However my hit counter and the positive feedback I've gotten tells me many of you find my site very useful. I often forget that all the files here that seem old and dull to me are actually completely new to many of you. Thanks for a great year and happy 1998 tonight!
12/22/97 Stephane sent me updated versions of his awesome files. They've been updated on the Information Page. John and I are putting the finishing touches on the mega-FAQ and hope to get it up soon -- yeah, you've heard that before but this time we're really ready! I'm about a month behind in replying to feedback so don't think I've forgotten about you! I'll play catch up in the next week or so. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!
12/7/97 I added a little more to my review of "Morrissey Rush to Danger (rarities volume 1)." I also fixed the link to Recordings Unlimited since they just switched ISPs.
12/3/97 I've brought back some of the MP3s I had up before on the Multimedia Page. I have some ideas for a few more as well.
12/1/97 Alright, the sound from yesterday should be working now. I was having trouble uploading it to here so I've put it on another server. I have more space on this other server so I think I'll bring back some of my previous audio selections for your enjoyment. Stay tuned.......
11/30/97 I had an inspiration today while I was making a mix tape for my car. I've removed the Modern Rock Live sounds from the Multimedia Page and put "Steven, You Don't Eat Meat" by Sandie Shaw on. This is sampled from the tape "The Death of Sheridan Whiteside." If you have that tape, you've been around for a while!
11/29/97 Just a few minor fixes this time. Some of Stephane's files had image problems so I fixed them. He said he's got some updated ones coming so check back soon! I fixed a few links on my feeble FAQs here. These will soon be gone as the mega-FAQ John and I are working on will contain them and more. I got my copy of "Morrissey Rush to Danger (rarities volume 1)" recently. Find out what I thought about it. That's all for now!
11/15/97 I found only 5 good pictures in my magazines and put them on the Multimedia Page. I think I'll do some full-screen video captures to round out the desktop gallery. Some new audio files are in the works too. Sorry that my link to Recordings Unlimited has been broken. It should be fixed now. I hear they have a new rare tracks CD called "Rush To Danger (Rarities Volume 1)." A Chance To Shine has made it's way to the web. I've added a few more concert reports to my Maladjusted Tour Page. I also added a few more chords to my guitar archive.
11/1/97 Alright, the Halloween sound is down. Hope you liked it!
Let's see here, lotsa stuff to do. I've done some fixes to the MozWeb: a few additions, a few corrections, and few deletions. I've gotten many concert reports from fans on the current tour. Thank you! It's great for us fans who didn't get to go, urm .. Minneapolis .. grumble .. grumble .. anyway, it's great to read about the shows. I've added the new reports to my Maladjusted Tour Page.
I had to sadly remove the link to "Talent Borrows Genius Steals" on my Shopping Page. Amon isn't making any more CDs.
I'm thinking I need to change the desktop picture selection on the Multimedia Page. This week I'll dive into my stack of magazines with Morrissey for some new pictures. The mp3 files need to rotate soon too. They eat up a chunk of my quota here. I think I'll trim down to 1 file or to 2 shorter ones.
Oh yeah, I added some more guitar chords by Chayah to my little guitar archive. I spread out the stuff on the Information Page so it's easier to read.
10/30/97 Tonight I'm putting up a little embedded sound sample on the main page for tomorrow. I'll take it off this weekend and get my pile of updates added.
10/15/97 I'm back with an update. Well, not much really. I almost made it to the Minneapolis show but it was cancelled! I've got some positive feedback on my new Multimedia selections. I'm glad you like them. Tonight I've been working on that FAQ project with John Levon. Hopefully we'll have something up soon. It's a monster, just you wait!
9/27/97 Sorry for the long delay between updates. But I've got some great multimedia files for you! Look on the Multimedia Page for MP3s of "Satan Rejected My Soul" and "Alma Matters" from Modern Rock Live on 8/17/97. Thanks to Chris for the tape of it since I missed it. That's not all, I've digitized Morrissey on Letterman too. The audio sounds a bit funny because TCI cable here likes to turn on and off the stereo feed for CBS. But it sounds pretty good anyway. The 8.7 Meg movie is in 2 parts. Just copy/paste them together to see the full song.
I've signed up for the Morrissey Webring and The Smiths Webring and added links for them to the MozWeb. I started a Maladjusted Tour Page on the News Page because some people have sent me concert experiences and pictures. Thanks!
9/7/97 Stephane has sent me updated versions of his discography files. They are excellent. You must check them out on the Information Page. I've also got a story of one fan seeing Johnny Marr at CFNY in Toronto with pictures! I received guitar chords for "Alma Matters" from Michael Fiddes. They're on my Guitar Tabs/Chords Page. "The More You Abhor Me" got an address update on the Fanzine Page. "Godfathers of Change Vol. 1: A Tribute to The Smiths" CD seems to have moved its link. I've fixed it on the Shopping Page. I've got 2 additions to the MozWeb: There's more to sites than links you know and Rusholme Ruffians. I'm still working on that super-FAQ with John Levon and hope to have something worth posting in following weeks.
8/27/97 So much going on in the Moz world! Be sure to check Morrissey-Solo for the latest tour dates. I still don't have "Maladjusted" or "Alma Matters" yet. The local stores have lame selections. I'm going to be buying via my Shopping Page.
So many little updates. I made a page for a fan to sell some of her stuff. It's here. I noted on the Fanzine Page that Canadian fanzine Suedehead has produced its final issue. The author will be teaming up with Carlo De Petris to make a monthly newsletter called Moz in Hamilton Ontario. They also had an encounter with Johnny Marr in Toronto a few months ago. I've got the pictures scanned and am awaiting the story to go with them. I was featured as a link in an article on Morrissey at I added a link to Island Record's Tour Page on the News Page. I added some info on my Morrissey Bootleg list for "Famous When Dead" and "In Person". I made some changes to the MozWeb including a new page called I Need Advice that attempts to collect what the songs mean to the fans.
Probably the biggest news is the I'm teaming up with John Levon from It All May End Tomorrow to make the ultimate Morrissey and Smiths FAQ! We're collecting and organizing info from my FAQs, Torr's FAQ, and John's site. If you have a FAQ-like question with an answer please let me know.
8/11/97 I got the rest of my bootleg CD covers scanned in. Check out my bootleg CD lists in the features section of the Information Page. I've been out of the swing of things because I just got married. Hopefully this week I can catch up on e-mail and current news. I just realized "Maladjusted" comes out tomorrow. I'll say I've been out of it.
7/28/97 I'm a little overdue for an update here. My new job has been keeping me rather busy. I have changed the audio selections on the Multimedia Page. Be sure to check them out. I hope to scan in some more bootleg covers this week.
Morrissey-Solo has all the latest on "Maladjusted." I have been sticking to my promise of keeping away from advance copies of the album. I did check out a sound sample on a web page - but that's all!
I don't have any big link additions or changes this time. I did un-embed that welcome sample on the home page to help reduce the time to bring up the page.
7/14/97 This update is a sad one on the MozWeb. Stefan of The Shoplifters Union dropped me an email letting me know about 13 dead links on the MozWeb. Where did everyone go? Hopefully just on a summer holiday. Let me know if your page should be returned to the MozWeb.
Island Records has put up a page with some Morrissey info. I borrowed links to two recent news items from Morrissey-Solo on the News Page. S.A.M. told me about EFNet for chatting. I made note of it on the Discussion Page.
Also, I now have a job which means I will have money to keep these pages up (yay!) and access to a scanner for new pictures. Stay tuned.
I think that MP3 file on the Multimedia Page is due for rotation. Any requests?
7/8/97 Just doing a few little fixes today. Nothing major. I just found out that Torr is also doing a FAQ on his pages. I'm looking forward to Maladjusted as I'm sure most of you are too. However, this time I'm avoiding any early copies so I can be completely surprised when it comes out. I've started re-doing my Bootleg CD lists in the Information Page. Hopefully soon I can scan in the covers of the ones I own so that you can spot them easily. I also hope to improve the descriptions of the CDs over time.
7/1/97 Just a few bits here and there to fix. The mailing address of A Chance to Shine - A Morrissey Publication has changed on the Fanzine Page. I fixed a few links on the MozWeb Page. I've gotten some nice feedback from people on the new site - thanks!
Fabio e-mailed me, no not the romance novel guy, Fabio of the Italian fanzine Speedway. Issue 10 is out and he is still working on a 50-page The Smiths scrapbook with tribute CD. He's looking for articles from fans like you!
6/21/97 What's new? Pretty much everything. I've moved the site from Iowa State's server to here at pair networks and got the easy-to-remember name of All the main pages have been redesigned and simplified. I dropped the text only version of the pages. I've tried to keep graphics to a minimum to save you on download time. I've combined some of the old pages, namely Movies, Sounds, and Pictures into one Multimedia page. The old tour page was absorbed into the News page. The old search page was absorbed into the MozWeb page. Currently I don't have the ability to search my own pages. I'll be looking into my options.

I made a banner for those of you wishing to use it to link to my page. It looks like this

Cemetry Gates

and the HTML is

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="460" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="1" ALT="Cemetry Gates"></A>

The old pages will still be up at until sometime in August when the university deletes my account. There's more Movies, Sounds, and Pictures there than here. I'll be rotating the selection here so those files won't be lost forever.

I've got some bare-bones FAQs on the Information page. Soon I'll make more descriptive bootleg CD lists. Stop back and check.

Updated: 1/9/99 Contents Copyright (c) Scott Krajewski, 1999