These archives are presented mainly for your amusement. Many of the links are probably dead but you might enjoy reading my ramblings.

My page has been quite sleepy with all the excitement recently in MozLand. Check out and for the latest! I hope you get to see Morrissey in concert!
I think it's time for a facelift again. I've gotten rather tired of this look and want to get a little creative. I'm giving DreamWeaver a try to see if I can make things more interesting. I have been using PageSpinner almost since it was first created. It's still my favorite, but I'll see if DreamWeaver can dethrone it. I'm going do a little with frames and reorganize a bit.
On the negative side, my counter was reset sometime last month. : - (
Apparently there's a bug in the version Pair Networks is running. I've tried to restore it to near what I remember it being.
Well, my site's five-year birthday has come and gone. I got a lot of nice birthday wishes from readers - thanks! I suppose a facelift would be nice birthday gift for these pages.

I see people have started using the search button. I hope it helps you quickly find what you're looking for.
Just added some MP3 stuff today. I added the Hangin' with Mtv appearance from August 5, 1992 to the Multimedia Page as MP3s. That was 7 years ago! How many live appearances do we see Moz making on Mtv nowadays? Thankfully none. I also filled out the Modern Rock Live appearance from 2 years ago. All 5 live songs are up and re-edited. I like these live versions quite a bit. I also added the nearly complete (9 of 10 songs) Manchester Hacienda gig from July 7, 1983.
The 5-year birthday of this page is rapidly approaching -- August 15! I wonder how I should celebrate?

I added a search button to the homepage. It's from a service called I read about in MacWorld. It seems pretty handy. Try it out!


Just a few minor updates today. I added an option for 800x600 sized desktop backgrounds on the Multimedia Page. I moved some stuff around on the News Page. I added some more fanzine covers to the Fanzines Page.

I've got the PDF version of the MozGuide UK ready for download. It's on the same page as the guide. Enjoy!
I added Vinyl Frontier to the Shopping Page. They offer vinyl and posters. I added a link to also. Guess what they sell?
I updated the links to "James Dean Is Not Dead" and "The New York Dolls" on the FAQ. I added links to desktop themes as well. I returned "Alma Matters" to the Multimedia Page by request. I'm not happy with the quality and hope to remake it as a QuickTime 3.0 movie soon.
I added info about a new fanzine, Loved & Lost, to the Fanzines Page. I also added info on "Myth is Morrissey" and included a picture they sent me of their fanzine.
Enjoy your summer!

Sorry for the delay again between updates. It's summer so that means moving time! I'm still settling in but am planning some things for the site. I found out my disk quota was upped so I can put another movie or two on the website. I am also working on making my MozGuide UK into a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file so that people can print it out in a nice book-like format.

It's birthday month for both me and Moz. It's a big one for Moz -- 40!
I added another bootleg, Guilt By Implication, to the Morrissey Bootlegs page thanks to Tony Edwards. I also added a new web site to the MozWeb, Hairdresser on Fire. It features some great original graphics and a nice style. I added Alphabet Street and Audio Street to the Shopping Page. They are UK-based online book and CD stores.

The Manchester portion of the MozGuide UK is done. Check it out!

Whoops! A month between updates.
I've got a few more scans from Tony Edwards added to the Morrissey Bootleg CD page. I've nearly got the Manchester portion of the MozGuide UK done. I just have a few more scans to do. I should have it up by week's end. Be sure to let me know if you will use the guide and if you have any scans of pictures from your trip I'd love to add them! Corrections are also welcomed -- this is an evolving guide.
Some people did try for the magic number of 100,000th visitor. Thanks for trying!

I've begun my travelling guide for fans visiting England. It's called the MozGuide UK. I've finished the London section. Manchester is next. Check it out!
No one attempted to be visitor # 100,000. Grumble grumble. I guess we'll have to wait until 150,000 for that free CD-R!

Happy post Valentines Day! Just a few changes today. I added a nice interview donated by Peter Aston. It's from the June 1984 Record Mirror. I brought back my previous JukeBox selections on the Multimedia Page. I plan on just adding more JukeBoxes rather than deleting the old ones as they don't take up too much space. I've received several e-mails requesting information on seeing Smiths sights in England. So I think I'll compile a page of travelling info for the fan visiting England. I'll post the link when it's got some substance. Also, for the 100,000th visitor (proven by valid screenshot) I'll cut a CD-R with the 5 Modern Rock Live tracks (from 8/17/97) and some more tracks yet to be determined and send it to you. I'll even print a cover for the CD-R. We're almost there!

Not many changes today. I've added some more cover scans from Tony Edwards to the Morrissey and Smiths Bootleg CD pages.

Sorry for the long delay in between updates. The holidays kept me busy as did recent stuff in the New Order world. I'm also a big fan of that bunch of Mancurians.

Don't forget this site looks best with the font Georgia from Microsoft. Also, my video clips on the Multimedia Page are available all the time now. No more time restrictions.
I've improved my bootleg CD pages -- one for Morrissey and one for The Smiths. Many thanks to Tony Edwards for providing more info and cover scans on some bootlegs I didn't have access to! I also made some additions to the FAQ.
It looks like the hit counter on the main page is approaching 100,000. Whoever is visitor #100,000 (prove it via a screen capture), will get something cool. I don't know what yet, but I'll think of something.

Happy New Year!