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These are the sites that top by bookmarks at the moment. If you're looking for the ultimate list of Morrissey and Smiths sites go to the Shoplifters Union.

The Arcane Old Wardrobe
by Typhoid Mary

I've always enjoyed the very colorful pages found here. Mary has some excellent critical discographies, bootleg lists, image gallery and interview archive. This is actually two sites now, Smiths Presumable Forever Ill (about The Smiths) and The Motorcycle Au Pair Boy (about Morrissey). If you're wondering how the press liked a certain single, this is the place to look.

It May All End Tomorrow
by John Levon

John is my partner in crime for the FAQ. His site has a great searchable lyric database, many many interviews, a list of sources of lyrics and more. If you need to find what song a certain line came from, this is the place to go.

The James Dean Memorial Gallery
by David Loehr

After getting an e-mail from David I added this page to my old MozWeb. I thought this would be an interesting site for Morrissey fans. Did you know that David provided the photos for "Bigmouth" and "Strangeways?" Check your CD or record credits!
by Bernard Van Isacker

Not to be outdone by Mike, Johnny Marr has an official website too. It's a good place to catch up with Johnny's activities and send him a question.
by Mike Joyce?

I had to include this one. The first official page by an ex-Smith. If you want to know about Mike's career, this is the place.

Morrissey Music
by Sanctuary Records

After signing with Sanctury Moz gets an official website. What sort of bizarro world am I in? Where is that young man clutching his typewriter (obscure Smiths photo reference)? Hopefully it will improve with time.

by David Tseng

This is the site for breaking news. This should be a daily stop for all fans. David also has some active chat boards and a marketplace for buying/selling/trading and more. If you need to know what's going on in the world of Moz, this is the place.
by Angela

I met Angela at The Smiths Convention 1997 and thought she was pretty cool. I also discovered she was a Mac user as well which makes her even more cool. After that, I checked out her site. Now she's running providing fans with first person accounts of the latest tour.

My own private Smiths page
by Anna-Kavin Rundquist

I just love the Morrissey comic strip here!
by Stephane Daigle

Stephane has the ultimate discographies, lists of cover stars, songs covered by other artists, vinyl etchings and more. Before he made his own page I hosted his excellent files here. If you need to know when something was released or where it went on the charts, this is the site with the answers. As time goes on his site just gets better and better.

Rush To Danger
by GurgleJerk

Some of you longtime readers here should recognize GurgleJerk from his "where to find non-LP tracks" file that's been on my site since 1995. Now he's got a website going with some nice sleeves for CDs or tapes in PDF format, a history of The Smiths and Morrissey, and some album recommendations for soon-to-be fans. You should stop on by.

The Shoplifter's Union
by Stefan Sahlander

This site is what I orginally wanted this MozWeb page to be. However, new sites kept appearing so fast I couldn't keep up. This site is the index for Morrissey and Smiths site on the Internet. If you have a few days to spend surfing, start at the Union.

Shoplifter's Union