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First off, hi my name is Scott Krajewski and welcome to my web pages.


Cemetry Gates started on August 15, 1994. I had just entered the Graduate Program in Mathematics at Iowa State University. I was serving the pages off my Macintosh Quadra 650 in my dorm room. I started the pages because I wanted to learn some HTML and I had collected all this stuff from various sources and wanted to share it. My pages started out rather simple and became more complex as I learned more HTML. After a few months my site actually started getting visitors besides me - the 2 page article about me in issue #3 of .net helped - and my little Mac was working too hard for me to get much work done.

So I moved my pages to the university's Public Homepage Server. I was hesitant to move the pages off my machine, but this turned out to be the best solution. My 10 MB disk quota at the university was not enough so I rented 20 MB more. This rental of a "locker" gave me the cool url The locker allowed me to have more sound clips and quicktime movies. I also got space on my department's web server for more files. Here the pages stayed until my graduation in May of 1997. I had about 3 months until my account would be closed.


I was looking at various web providers and found Pair Networks via MacFixIt. I liked pair's options and pricing. So I signed up and got started on June 8, 1997. One of the key features I liked about pair was my "vanity name" of The $100 for a registered domain name is out of my means right now.

When these pages began they were the first pages about The Smiths or Morrissey so I tried to have everything under the sun on them. As time went on everyone got into the web and started building pages. There are many other fine pages on the MozWeb with much interesting material. With this redesign I wanted to change the focus of the pages a bit. I wanted to streamline my old pages by combining some of the related ones. I wanted to focus on the 7 pages I've listed on the main page. I'll leave the breaking news to Morrissey-Solo and the picture archives to others. On my pages I plan to use text and multimedia files that I've created myself or are unique to my pages. If everyone has the same stuff, why bother coming here?


Well, 1998 is nearly over and more than 80,000 of you have visited since moving to Pair Networks. I don't even want to guess how many megabytes of stuff has been downloaded from here in that time. I've done another modification of the look of the site and am pushing more Multimedia content. This seems to be the kind of stuff that is easiest for me to create having collected a lot of books, magazines, CDs and videos in my college years. I hope to keep these pages around until the year 2000. After that, I'm sure all the world will be in chaos because all those PCs will think it's 1900 and no one will have time for the Internet -- just kidding!


Well well, the 5-year anniversary for these pages occurs in 1999. The Internet has changed so much since their birth. Back in 1994 the Internet was a tool for academics to communicate. It was just starting to get noticed by the public but wasn't really understood. Now it's part of the mainstream culture. Everyone is trying to carve out their niche, find their place, make some money, get their 15 minutes of fame. So why don't you go somewhere you're happy and you're wanted? I'll meet you at the Cemetry Gates.

With my 5-year anniversary I've purchased a domain name, With this domain name comes a massive redesign and reorganization helped in large part to Dreamweaver, a very nice web design program.


At 8 years since I started the site in my dorm room. I've come nearly full circle with the site moved to a server in my house (in the basement actually). The time has come to shift gears and try something different. A new site will be coming in the near future and I hope you enjoy it as much as this one.


Here we are approaching the 10 year milestone. Looking at the above notes, kinda my blog before there were blogs, I chuckle at some of the ideas I had. When I started these pages I was planning on making the main Morrissey/Smiths website on the Internet. Of course that was right out of college when I was still a bit naive. Once I hit the working world in 1997 reality started to slowly sink in. With the purchase of my house (the house we'll call it) in late 2000 my life got a little too full for the site. If you check the what's new pages from that time you'll see a real lack of updates. I even considered shutting it down totally but I couldn't bear to let it die. It had been with me so long already. Moving the site home on my own server was the best choice I've made. Though the hosting at Pair Networks was excellent, the cost was adding up. At first I tried using a RedHat box but that became cranky. Now it's running on a nice MacOS X box in my basement.

So what does the future hold? I'm still excited about the potential of a dynamic MozGuide UK 2.0 for a future direction. The multimedia stuff is still my love -- all those archival appearances that are deteriorating on video tape. Bandwidth is always an issue. But as DSL continues to get cheaper I could upgrade my connection.

But right now I want to look back on its various incarnations:
Perhaps the oldest version of my site from 1994. Here's the actual HTML page. I wish I still had the little icons. They were pretty bad. My site from its appearance in .net magazine in 1995. My site from 1998. Before my own .com boom. The handy wayback machine provided this. My site from 2000. Pretty much the same as it looks today. The wayback machine provided this.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Visitor Stats
Previously I kept track of the number of monthly visitors. That turned out to be not worth the time. I don't think anyone but me really cared about the totals! The hit counter on the main page should be more reliable now. I plan on just using that from now on. In case you are interested, in 1995 I had over 46,094 hits and in 1996 I had over 90,597 hits. In 1997 I didn't keep up with the stats but had reached 16,000 by the end of February. After 2 years at Pair Networks I had received over 135,000 hits on the main page (in June). Sometime in September my counter was reset due to a bug in the counter software. I think it was at around 150,000 but I'm not sure. So with the redesign in December 1999 I've had to start the counter over.
Who really cares anymore how many people have come? A lot of people wander in. I hope everyone has a good time.