Welcome To Scott's Smiths/Morrissey Page

I've got a few items here of interest to Smiths or Morrissey fans wandering around the Web.

This page is still under construction.

I'll be moving to Iowa soon for Graduate School. My pages will follow. I will have a network connection in my room and I plan on setting up my Quadra 650 as a server. Stay tuned for the change of address!

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Text Items

*Items were created by Stephane Daigle (daigles@ere.umontreal)


I have contact sheets for my Smiths and Morrissey pictures listed below. I would suggest downloading the sheet first and then deciding what you want.

Smiths Images

Morrissey Images

Misc JPEGs

I have 3 JPEGs of frames from videos. The names are self-explanatory.

More Images

I've just scanned some new items from "A Visual Documentary"

I've got a little sheet for these 3 color images.

These greyscale images also have a contact sheet.