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Manchester City Centre


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Before we start I should warn you that I've never actually been to Manchester. I would very much like to go there but haven't been able to. This guide has been created from information I have gathered from my sources on the previous page. I presume they are correct but make no promises to the absolute accuracy of the information contained herein.

I am always interested in hearing about corrections, additions, or donations of scans of current pictures. Please let me know.

Getting to and around Manchester
You will most likely arrive in Manchester by BritRail. You can take BritRail from London near Euston. There is probably more things to see than one would want to in a single day trip. I'd suggest getting some lodging in Manchester or get a BritRail youth pass and come back. The youth pass will save you a few pounds on several rides. The ride takes about 2 1/2 hours so a lot of your day is eaten up by the ride. This is a good time to review your MozGuide UK and plan your visits.

A must-have is a copy of Manchester A to Z. You can probably get one at a store in the train station in Manchester but you might save a little if you buy one before your trip. You also should get some bus information once in Manchester. The information I have on Manchester is much more limited than London. The Piccadilly Bus Station in the southeast corner of the City Centre area is a good place to find bus information.


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