The Maladjusted Tour
Fall/Winter 1997
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However, I do have tidbits from fans here. I'll gladly add your concert experiences if you send them.
September 12th, 1997: Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada

On September 12th, 1997, my boyfriend and I saw Morrissey at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. This was the very first time either one of us had seen him live, sat on the third tier overlooking the stage. We're fans but not fanatical.

We were both mezmerized but Brian more than I, every time I looked over at him, he had this silly grin on his face. Most of the songs were from his new album and unknown to us. It didn't matter that we couldn't sing along, we were watching a man we'd grown up with, we'd listened to, connected with in our own way and loved.

After a 1/2 song encore when fans jumped on stage and grabbed him, the thugs rushed him off the stage lest he be injured afterwhich massive booing resounded, we went to the nearest pub which had Guiness on tap.

"How many moves does he have in his repertoire? Five? "And what was going on with his belly? Does he have crabs?" I asked. "He's exactly as I expected him to be" replied Brian. "I wouldn't *do* him, he's too itchy."

Then I asked Brian, "When are you going to marry me?" His face turned crimson, "I didn't think it mattered that much to you. When would you like to get married?" "October 10th, next year."

So that's our night with the Moz. It's one neither of us will forget. We'll be going to Kendal sometime after Xmas or perhaps on our honeymoon. If we happen to bump into Morrissey, we must thank him!

- tabatha

I had two experiences with Morrissey this year. Once in Toronto on the 12th of Settember, and the other recently in Buffalo on the 24th of November. This was the first time I had ever seen Morrissey( that being this year in September) and I was greatly impressed on both occasions. Growing up out west in Edmonton, you don't get many big concerts for my tastes in music. The Toronto show was longer, and surprisingly the play list were very different. Of course everyone knows he is doing Smiths' tune now-a-days( maybe legal anger at Joyce? Who knows.) and the only difference in th U.S. than from Canada was the replacement of " Paint A Vulgar Picture" with "London." I was surprised when he closed with "Shoplifters..." in Buffalo, whereas in T.O. he closed with "Satan Rejected My Soul." He didn't play much new stuff in Buffalo( no Alma Matters), but mostly "Southpaw..." tunes and "Vauxhall..". In Toronto we were treated with an assortment of singles(ie.Sunny, Have a-go-Merchant) to a rang of newer albums(playing all the poppy hits - sarcasm). The Toronto gig ended funny with the security guards mistaking Morrissey for a rushing lunatic. They shovelled him off before "Satan..." was over and he never came back. The Audience boo-ed the guards and the venue(which was a cool locale- Massey Hall, Toronto). Oh and I was totally blown away by "Speedway", The Two Smiths' tracks(esp***), and "The Boy Racer."
Well Done!
That is it,
Josh Kopitoski, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.

September 13th, 1997: Théatre Saint-Denis in Montreal, QC

My wife and I got great seats for this show. 11th row centre to be precise. My wife is the huge fan and I mean she adores Moz. I've grown to really enjoy the music too. He put on a great performance, but the sound was way too loud and a little distorted too. Even the paper said that the next morning. He sure has quite a presence on stage. I hope he comes back to Montreal again sometime.

C and C

September 16th, 1997: Strand Theatre in Providence, R.I.

The following pictures are from Raybone. I've tried to improve clearness with Photoshop.

September 17th, 1997: Central Park Summer Stage in New York, N.Y.

I attended Moz's concert at summer stage in central park it was the first time I had seen him in concert and it was sureal. He was in excellent form. His voice was beautiful as expected. I couldn't have asked for more (except maybe another hour!) sadly it was over much too soon. He did songs from Maladjusted and we were favored with a song I hadn't heard before "Nobody loves us" needless to say if you've heard the recording of this song it is gripping, but to hear it live was simply AWESOME.This being my first Moz concert I arrived early and was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of his audience, quite a few Moz look alikes young and old and everything from buisnessmen in shirt and tie(it was an early concert) to village muscle boy's.


September 20th, 1997: Capitol Ballroom in Washington DC

When i got inside of the capital ballroom,my jaw fell wide open!Uh,this place was a horrid DUMP!See this place is usually held for techno dance party's and stuff,it was soo blah!I felt really bad because somebody had subjected Morrissey to this horrible place.Anyway,i soon took my worry's off of that and on to the band "ElCA"I liked them alot they had a nice sound.When they got off the stage my heart started pounding here we were me My brother Troy and his friend's.We rushed up as close as we could to the stage before MOZ come on.Suddenly the house lights went off and i heard the openings to "Maladjusted"EVERYBODY BEGAN SCREAMING!!(i swear the guy in front of me was wishing death upon me,me because i was yelling so loudly in his ear).He was absolutley brilliant!He was only on for about 45 minutes.That disappointed me alot since we had drove 1 get there and him only playing for that amount of time! .Plus there was no T-SHirts!!WEEW!I was jumping and screaming and singing it was very nice.Truely a great evening. that was my first experience with MOZ,
15yrs.I was the youngest person there!!!

September 24th, 1997: Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, MI

I just saw Morrissey in concert on September 24, 1997 at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. My friend and I were in the third row, but we made our way up to the stage. Morrissey actually shook my hand! I touched him several time throughout the concert, and just thought,"this man is a god." I told my friend that if I died on the way home from the concert, I wouldn't care because I'd die happy. I think you could relate to this.

Thanks, Betsy

September 26th and 27th, 1997: Aragon Ballroom and Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL

I went to both shows in Chicago, September 26 and 27. I was so excited to go because Morrissey is my favorite artist (aside from The Smiths). Unfortunately, at the first show, Morrissey left after only one hour, complaining of a "Chicago flu." I was disappointed, but I didn't care too much, as long as I got to see him. The second night, he left after 40 minutes of grabbing his stomach and crouching in the corner. I'm sure he's okay now, but I wanted to know if he did this at any other shows. I still love him, but if he's sick, he should reschedule the show. I didn't care that I paid $60 to see him for a total of 1hr. and 40 min., but people like my boyfriend who aren't huge fans that booed him after the show do care.


October 2nd, 1997: Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC

The hall was not full and the fans were all young. We pondered the absense of all those our age (32) from our perch in the back row. Who were all these young trendy types and how could they possibly appreciate this legend? And where were all those who like ourselves could sing word for word every line from every song?

He started with Maladjusted and played songs from all the recent albums. "teachers are afraid of students was perhaps the most powerful. It is still ringing in my head. But most noteworthy was "paint a vulgar picture" and the show stopper, "shoplifters of the world". I'd of course told my friend that Morrissey never does Smith's songs anymore.

About 1 hour after he'd started, he got mobbed singing his first encore song (shoplifters) and the concert abruptly ended. Was it the excitement of hearing a classic Smith's song? Or, was it the thrill of seeing him rip off his shirt? "I really don't know"

If it had been anyone else, I'd have felt ripped off. But alas, 1 hour of Morrissey live is better than 3 hours of anyone else.


October 4th, 1997: La Luna in Portland, OR

i saw morrissey in portland last weekend. the show offered more than i originally expected. unfortunately, the latest album is awful, but the live versions seemed slightly better. this is probably true, because morrissey isn't in my car when i am listening to that horrible album. in any event, he played "Shoplifters of the World" and "Paint a Vulgar Picture", so i was giddy with delight. The one song encore was weak, but the whole idea of encores is weak in general. most of the time, morrissey seemed like he was in an angry mood. he didn't seem to care too much for how the seemingly bored crowd just stood there. then again, it could have been sarcasm. overall, i enjoyed myself, though i did notice that morrissey really enjoys sweating.

- ricky t nys

October 7th, 1997: The Warfield in San Francisco, CA

You can find some pictures from the concert here.

October 10th, 1997: Hospitality Point in San Diego, CA

I am sorry to say that I am maturing and have probably made a turn in the road of life. Although Morrissey is a great influence and hero to me,I did not receive him as I did when I saw him in San Diego on Halloween 1992. What can I say I was like a screaming girl awaiting the Beatles for the first time. I was also 17 yrs old. I believe this was a major factor. The '97 show was too short and it left me wanting more. Just the way the old chap wants it!. 50 minutes of Morrissey after waiting five years is simply Morrissey's way of teasing his small but extremely loyal following. I'll have to fly to England to catch a show there.

October 11th, 1997: The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

My expirience began in fabulous Las Vegas were I saw MOZ for the first time as well. Me and my wife and several other friends took to the audience at The Joint in The Hard Rock Hotel on Oct 11. Morrissey came out with the very moves that I expected to see him do. The show was great and I was dead tired. Upon returning to LA I was greeted with the fact that tickets were available for the show at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont. That show on Oct.26 was better than Vegas. Morrissey seemed to be on a high this day. A great show show where for the encore he ended with The Queen Is Dead. As I left the show and got on the freeway, about 15 minutes later I encountered a large red tour tour bus holdind none other than our beloved Morrissey, for the rest of the way home I drove next to the bus where from time to time a shade would go up in the very back. One time my wife was able to snap a picture of him that developed fairly clear.One of the most exciting times of my life.


I went to a Moz concert on October 11,97. At the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, It was the first time I've been to a concert and for it to be a Morrissey concert was the best. I couldn't have asked for more. Morrissey is a very friendly person, through out the concert people were trying to get on stage but the dam gaurds wouldn't let them. But Morrissey was always willing to shake peoples hands. I can remember this one guy kissed Moz's hand, and he wasn't like grossed out. I myself can only remember to songs that he sang: Alma Matters and The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get. I was thirteen at the time now I'm fourteen. If I had a chance to do that again even though I was getting smashed pretty bad, I would. I would take a peice of paper and write down every movement of Moz. Hopefully soon he'll have another tour that I may attend. Well I guess that's the ending of these wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.



October 12th, 1997: Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

I saw Morrissey's show in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater on October 12. My friends and I were in the next-to-last row, but I didn't care as long as I could hear him. I got to see him through someone's binoculars (I wish I had thought ahead of time and brought my own) and Morrissey looked gorgeous, as always. I'm not one of those crazed fans, like the girl I saw who was wearing a 50s-style prom dress and crying through the entire show. I just really appreciate him and the contributions he has made to music. I only knew two of the songs that he did, but that was okay. When he came out for his encore, he did a Smiths song, "Shoplifters of the World Unite", and the crowd literally freaked out!!! About 15 guys jumped up onstage and mobbed him thirty seconds into the song. Naturally, the concert ended early. Just my luck! I think everyone waited around for a good twenty minutes or so, but he never came back out. It was wonderful while it lasted, and I hope he doesn't stay away from L.A. because of that incident. He's truly a great performer, and I had a great time.


October 22nd and 23rd, 1997: Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, AZ and Gotham in Tucson, AZ

i just got back from a two show week one in phoenix and one in tucson arizona...the phoenix show had no opening band... and the security there were assholes..he played in an ice hockey ring ..the sound was bounceing off the it was not that good..but lucky the video was ok or else we could not have seen squat cause they were not letting any one near the stage.but then last night in was the first show that the smoking popes opened for him they rocked..and then morrissey came out he did his thing..and he was just what can i say can know what i mean..this is the third show that i saw on the tour and hopefully not the last..but the tucson show was good maybe cause i was so close and it was be so close to him..well i hope everyone elses experiences are as good as mine.

I saw the Phoenix show, and I have to remark how bizarre it was to be walking around looking at art and vegetables and hay and honey while HE did his soundcheck in the bowels of the auditroium. I have a question for fall those who got to see Morrissey this tour. I read through most of the accounts, and I didn't see anyone mention "Sunny" in their playlists. The Phoenix show started precisely on time; consisted of 3 from Maladjusted, 3 from Southpaw, 3 from Vauxhall, and 3 miscellaneous ("Paint a "Vulgar Picture", "Shoplifters", and "Sunny" the b-side to Dagenham Dave"); and it ended exactly one hour after it started. Anyway, after singing "Sunny," he made the comment that probably only 5 of us had *ever* heard the song. I wonder who the other 4 were? Like the other guy said, security was atrocious. There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason why I should have to be bothered with looking for my ticket (or to do anything) while HE is singing. It's pathetic. After the show a bunc! h of us gathered on a balcony overlooking the tour busses. All of us were shocked to see Boz come out and hop on the nearer bus. I was embarassed that I could remember his name at the time, so that I could call out to him; apparently noone else could remember his name as there came only yells and catcalls. He waved at us over his shoulder. Having seen Boz, we felt fairly certain that the rest of the band would be coming too. Alas, the security AGAIN were as@*les and they swept everyone off the deck stating that they had to close down the auditorium. This was an obvious lie as the fair exhibits were still going on down below. We had a good time with the security though as they swept through, walking in one direction, we moved out of their way, and once past, we resumed our positions. Of course, they had to invoke the 'real' cops to get us to leave. That's all. Love, peace and harmony.

October 24th: Hiland Theatre in Albuquerque, NM

When we left our homes in hell paso, it was about 75 degrees outside. By the time we reached albuquerque(4 hours later), we were afraid our wimpy jackets would leave us exposed to hypothermia. As we grabbed a bite to eat, it began to snow!! The theater was like one of those old movie houses, with balconies and really pretty red velvet decor. We sat up high, which was ok because we had a good view of everything. I was sad because i didn't know the songs from maladjusted very well yet, and therefore couldn't sing along...but i screamed my head off nonetheless. It was a great experience, being the second time i had seen him live, but it seemed like it was too short. Before i knew it, we were on our way back home so that we could be at work the following morning. I was 15 when i fell in love with the moz and his music, and i'm 22 now, but i know he'll have a place in my mind and in my heart till the day i die.


October 31st, 1997: Saltair Pavilion in Salt Lake, UT

The house lights didn't go down until the start of "The Operation". People screamed and chanted "MORRISSEY MORRISEY MORRISSEY" like they were at a headbangers ball. Who would have guessed these people would be so violent? They were crowd surfing before Moz even came out. Some just to get out of the pit so they could breathe. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly be squished any more, I was, pardon the expression, flat as a pancake. It was unbearable and half way through I wanted to get out but I couldn't. I couldn't move. I couldn't even get my hand down to my pocket to reach my camera. I was twisted, poked and proded like a steer at slaughter. Anyway, you get the general idea.

Morrissey came out and paced the stage and said "Hello" (I kinda thought he said "Aloha") then "My name is trouble" and they launched into Do Your Best and Don't Worry. After which he said "Thank you, ______ ______ ________ (?)" and then launched into Alma Matters. I think it was during "Alma" that he came to the left side of the stage where Jo and I were. He reached out to us but our arms together couldn't span the seven foot chasm.

Roy's Keen followed after which he said "I should say, it's very nice to be here but, one question, one question, one question? What do you do...for air?" [crowd screams "We don't breathe"] Moz replies "Silly question" and they break into The More You Ignore Me during which he changes the lyrics to "...You're asking for it...and IT you shall get..."

Mel was holding a sign she had made earlier that read "LOST" and he looked at it and said "How do you, how do you know about that song?" [Mel and Jo and I screamed, "We have it"] Moz responds "You have it? Where did you buy it?" [Mel: "San Francisco"] "San Francisco?"

Next up, Paint a Vulgar Picture where he again changes the words to "MTV, MTV, MTV, oh kiss their arses (not asses), sadly this was your life" and, "I just haven't earned it yet baby" as well as "Please the depressing Belgians" and "STILL leads us headlong into harm".

Trouble Loves Me was next followed by Boy Racer. I remember he dramatically fell to the ground a couple times and I think once was during this song. It was at this time I was sure I wanted to get out but realized I could not move in any direction even with the help of the people around me so no matter how bad it got I had to stay.

The stand up bass came out for Ambitious Outsiders after which he quipped "I suppose you're wishing you hadn't come?" [screams] "Tell the truth".

Spring-heeled Jim followed and then "Thank you".

Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself

Hold On To Your Friends (did we have a choice?)

Now My Heart is Full


Encore: Shoplifters

At some point he said "Have you ever considered moving to Wyoming? [screams] I wouldn't advise it". He also put the mic over his shoulder and let it dangle behind him. Also he banged the mic on his chest a couple times maybe during Speedway(?) and grabbed his breast once.

After the house lights came up and the intermission music started people began to chant, "MORRISSEY, MORRISSEY, MORRISSEY". It was a good 5 minutes before we could actually get out of the crowd and away from the barrier.


November 2nd, 1997: Macky Auditorium in Boulder, CO

I'm writing this to say, in a simple way, thank you Morrissey for a moving show in Boulder, Colo. I will live my life as I will undoubtedly attend Moz shows - alone. What I expected was to see a washed-up old Mozzer last night in a place one-quarter the size of the one he played five years prior in Boulder. When he came out on stage, he most definitely looked older, he really does look like a man in his early- to mid-forties. But he was dressed quite nicely, with a black button-up shirt, gray (maybe silver) dress pants, shiny black shoes. The big surprise was his hair - no quiff. His hair was cut much shorter than I'd ever seen. About the music: Though the selection was not representative of his career, it was representative of who he is now and what is on his mind. He did a number of his songs in which he is jealous of the male protagonist in the story - Roy's Keen, Boy Racer, etc. Those were good. But the highlight song was the old Smiths tune "Paint a Vulgar Picture." At some point during the song, a fan handed Morrissey something about the size of an album cover, and I couldn't quite tell what it said, but from the contextual clues, I'm guessing it said "Best of, Most of" or something else from said song. Whatever it said, it moved Moz more than I've seen in his shows. He put it on the stage and knelt down to it, then sort of fell over forward onto it. He kept holding it up, and so did Alain Whyte, between songs, but the light was never good enough to tell me what the words were. Moz introduced "Paint a Vulgar Picture" by saying, "This one's in case any of you are older than 17," in his usual slow on-stage stuttering voice. Another highlight was when the Mozzer told the crowd, between songs, "I ... don't ... tell ... jokes ....... I .... am one." It was a gas, and I'm wondering if he's saying that at every show on the tour, or if it was spontaneous. I won't even venture a guess. There were no songs from Viva Hate, Bona Drag, Kill Uncle, or even Your Arsenal, but what the hell, I saw him on the Your Arsenal tour 5 years, 1 month and 1 day before this Maladjusted show. And one more thing - the encore was "Shoplifters," which wound the crowd up real nice. Until the encore, the only guy to get on-stage and hug the Mozzer did it less than 20 seconds into the first song of the show. But during the encore, nubile and strong young fans finally wore down the guards and nearly 20 made it to the Mozzer's loving embrace.

November 8th, 1997: Center For Performing Arts in Gainesville, FL

I saw Moz in Gainesville, FL at The University of Florida, at the conclusion of Homecoming Week here. The Smoking Popes opened and were good, but not great. I had an extra ticket in the mezzanine section and tried to upgrade to the floor. I had quite tremendous success, with a stranger offering me 10th row seats in exchange for mine(do not know what he was thinking) The venue was perfect for the sound quality, with high vaulted ceilings and a packed crowd. The show sadly was not sold out, but 90% full anyway. Moz went on around 9:15 wearing tight black pants and a tight black 3 buttoned shirt. There was an orchestra pit that was full of kids who won some kind of passes but not full enough for Moz. After the first song he motioned, for everybody to come forward, and so the whole crowd rushed forward into the pit filling it to capacity. The second song was "Boy Racer", and the sounds were perfect from the band. I thought at first the music was louder than Moz! 's voice but soon realized I was next to the speaker. He continued on with new material and only played two Smiths songs. He was talking to the crowd all night with people rushing the stage just to touch this man, like he was a God or something, pretty amazing. The concert only lasted about an hour and twenty minutes but well worth the 22.75 I paid to see the show. I have never seen the Moz before and he was everything I hoped he would be and then some. Clearly satisfied, this Gator went home a happy fan.

November 26th, 1997: Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY

I was aprox 5 people away from the stage. He looked incredibly attractive perhaps it was the tighter jeans?. He sang most of Maladjusted, off V&I"Now my heart is full" and some songs from Southpaw Grammar. During the concert people kept screaming "take your shirt off" to which he coyly growled "You First."At one point he came to the edge of the stage and people were throwing him jewelry?? well, anything they could. I got so excited I threw him one of my diamond earrings, though I think I a mile oh well it was not meant to be... He had other items thrown onstage in the course of the evening, a piece of undergarment which he caught and tossing it back said "well this does me no good". Overall it was an extremely enjoyable, memorable evening which ended on an amusing yet somewhat irritating note. During his last song "Shoplifters" a fan tried to get over the chest high barriers in front of the stage and wa! s brutally pulled over it onto her head by the security. Moz stopped singing and walked over and pointed to the security and said in a furious tone "ugly man", "ugly man" then he walked off the stage. Well the crowd went ballistic and started chanting "UGLY MAN" untill the security walked off. Moz came back out to loud cheers and sang "Satan Rejected my Soul" his last song of the evening. I chanted his name along with the others in hopes of a second encore, but as the lights came on and the strains of "Interlude" played we were abruptly schuffled out. None the less a night of bliss for this viewer.


December 5th, 1997: Jäähalli in Helsinki, Finland

I just saw Morrissey at the Helsinki Icehall. He was on stage for about an hour and a half. The show was excellent and the crowd was well-behaved. This seems to be something that matters to him. He encored with "Shoplifters", of course. I really like that he played such a small venue. I wasn't on the floor, but I wasn't far from the stage. Morrissey was great.

Karen McLain

December 8th, 1997: Große Freiheit in Hamburg, Germany

I finally went to the Morrissey concert in the Grosse Freiheit 36 on the 9th of December, 1997 in Hamburg. And I must say it was really great. The master of the great gestures was back in Hamburg. Morrissey looked good, but has astonishingly short hair. He played almost the same songs as in September in Cleveland, Ohio, which somebody in this newsgroup has recorded on video (he posted a playlist, too). But he played "The more you ignore me,..." and "Spring-heeled Jim" and he played it very good. Before I went to the concert, I told my girlfriend that this will surely be the last Morrissey concert for me. But now, a few days after the concert, I changed my mind and I'm sure that I will go and see Morrissey again. If he plays in Hamburg again.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


December 11th, 1997: Northgate Centre in Chester, UK

At last I get achance to see MORRISSEY perform. I have witnessed many special concerts and this was up with the best. The set, extracts from Vauxhall, Southpaw and Maladjusted was very well balanced and smoothly delivered. I felt sorry for the rest of the band because although their ability cannot be questioned and they look great, it is very difficult to take your eyes off Morrissey. The man has described himself as 'box office poison' but he actually sounds and looks more content than ever. He adds weight to this opinion within 'ammunition' and I believe any anger regarding his popularity is soley, but increasing amongst the fans. I am also a big Guns n' Roses fan and can see many similarites between Morrissey and W Axl Rose, they are both world talents, both maladjusted and both continually hunted and hated by the vast majority. I was actually with an unconverted Morrissey fan at the concert and he was blown away by the influence and deliverence of Morrissey and the whole band, as well as the sheer passion of the audience. Personal highlights of the show for me were 'springheeled Jim' 'Satan rejected my soul' and the powerful and stunning 'Teachers are afraid of the pupils'.

Morrissey is our greatest living musical talent but, with less and less 'thinkers' in our society, he will never be given the recognition he deserves. Meanwhile I and many others will have to put up unjust praise for thew likes of Oasis, Weller and the extremely disgusting Cast.


We could have loved him,we wanted to love him, but a combination of the choice of songs, a crap venue and no on-site booze led to a scenario of loss of momentum in the audience and Moz asking us if we were bored 20 mins into the set. He looked good, his voice was fantastic, but why did he restrict the songs to Southpaw, Vauxhall and Maladjusted? Then said we are going to play a song from Strangeways......then of all the fantastic songs on Strangeways........Paint a Vulgar Picture.......was the choice!
Nobody is more guilty of painting a vulgar picture than the Smith/Moz, I've got all of his songs at least six times (although no tacky badges, admittedly) but we all know he wants to be adored for his current stuff, and I do, but at the feintest whiff of a riff of an older number, the audience gets going, so why doesn't he do it more often. Why does he play for 60 min only and no Your Arsenal, Vive Hate, Bona Drag and the encore was predictably Shoplifters. We wanted to adore him, but he lost he audience half way through the set and in a sports arena in Cheste that is sad. Morrissey, give us the songs we want and we will adore you, but 1 hour only, 1 hour late and distorted sound will put off even your diehard fans i.e. me!

Play list (from what I can remember) not in order, by album:

Now my heart is full
Spring-heeled jim
Billy Budd
Speedway (fantastic)

Reader meet author
The teachers are afraid of the pupils
The boy racer
Dagenham dave

Alma matters
Trouble loves me (fantastic)
Roy's keen
Satan rejected my soul

Paint a vulgar picture (poor choice, in my humble opinion)
Shoplifters of the world unite (predictable)

How we longed for Tomorrow, Disappointed, Last of the famous.., Certain people I know, Suedhead, Everyday is like sunday, The loop, We hate it..., You're gonna need... etc.etc. to name but a few.

I will go one more time and if it as predictable as this I will cherish the memories and call it a day

J McGuire

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