From: (BlakorBlu)
Subject: sheet music

For everyone interested in sheet music for the Smiths, contact the following:

International Music Publications
Southend Road
Woodford Green
Essex 1G8 8HN

They are the publishing distributors. The order reference #s for the ones I have are:
Louder Than Bombs: #21046
Meat Is Murder: #20424
The Queen Is Dead: #20846
Strangeways, Here We Come: #21077

Goodnight and thank you,

Another from Usenet news

I went to a little shop in DC over the break and picked up one of their catalogues. Included in it are the following items:
Smiths Best of--piano/vocal/guitar--15 songs $16.99
Smiths Meat is Murder--piano/vocal/guitar $16.99
Smiths Louder than Bombs--piano/vocal/guitar $17.99
Smiths Queen is Dead--piano/vocal/guitar $16.99

There is an order form inside, but I imagine if you write/call/fax them, they would send you a catoluge or the desired items.

3279 M. Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20007
ph. (202) 337-6274
fax (202) 337-8372

It looks like the shipping costs for any one of these items would be $3.50. Unfortunatly, I did not look at any of the items while I was at the store, so I don't know about the actual format of the music. I only mention it because some people have been after it. I hope it helps.

Another place to find some:

We carry the complete Smith's sheet music catalogue. We ship anywhere in the world.

The available catalogue:

Louder Than Bombs (PVG)				$17.95
Meat is Murder (PVG)				$16.95
Queen is Dead (PVG)				$16.95
Best II (PVG)					$18.95
Strangeways, Here We Come (PVG)			$18.95
World Won't Listen (PVG)			$16.95
Please call us at 800/514-6874 to place an order or if you have any questions regarding songs in the folios.
Huntington Music
6829 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647