from the swedish morning paper "Gothenburg post"

CANCEL. Steven Patrick Morrissey is not coming to Gothenburg.

MORRISSEY cancels tour - all tickets can be returned
Morrissey has bailed out on the Bowie tour. Who or whom that are playing instead of Moz is not decided at the present moment.

When it was decided this fall that Bowie was going to bring the old Smiths-singer Morrissey on the World tour were a few eyebrows raised. The obstinate Morrissey has yet never performed live in Sweden. Neither with the Smiths nor as Morrissey. This is a bit strange since Morrissey and the Smiths always have had a lot of devoted fans here.

- It's really sad that he's not coming. I have been looking forward to at last get Morrissey to Sweden. We have tried to get him to come here several times, says Niclas Ekstedt from Morrissey's record label.

Morrissey was sick already during the UK tour with Bowie this fall. He quit the tour, but he still went to Japan to make a short tour. After this his illness put a stop to all touring. The illness is still unknown.

- I don't have an idea. It was planned that he was going to tour just Scandinavia and France, but on Thursday this week he cancelled everything, says Niclas Ekstedt.

Right at this moment they are working on getting a replacement for Morrissey. The work is not an easy one.

- Nothing is yet decided, but I hope it will be an internationell artist with some rank, says Ekstedt again.

Thomas Johansson on EMA Telstar (which are organizing the gigs) thinks that they will have found a replacement sometime next week. The one who will take the last decision on replacements are of course Bowie himself.

- I have to get clearance from Bowie that he really wants a replacement which isn't at all sure. We can start searching for a new support act when I get a "yes" from Bowie, says Thomas Johansson.

Usualy the ticketholders wouldn't get any money back if the support act cancells, but this time EMA Telstar has changed their policy. Everyone who wants can trade in their tickets and get their money back.

- This is not how we do this normally, but this time we'll make an excepiton, says Thomas Johansson from EMA.

- Gabriel Nystrm

not very translated by Christian Arvidson