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Les Inrockuptibles

Emmanuel Tellier

Backstage, the tour manager asks us to wait for a few minutes. Morrissey pulls on a shirt, he's going to receive us. But beware, not for long. A watch dog, a professinal boxer, pushes the backstage door.

Morrissey apologises, "I caught a bad cold. I hope that the smell of Vicks doesn't disturb you too much." We sit for an obviously too short conversation.

"For me Vauxhall and I is the best album of all the times, nothing else. It's a very supple relaxed record I have been dreaming of for years. Smiths records had something in common, they were badly produced. Vauxhall and I is magnificently produced. It is effortlessly kept upright without fake manners.

The songs of my album will be harder, more aggressive than those on Vauxhall and I. We have recorded the demos in Minaual in the south of France - they are frightening. My deal with EMI has come to an end. This, it's a new start for me again. But frustration remains, an enormous frustration I would say. When I go out on stage, I feel invincible: nothing can reach me. Years have taught me that those moments on stage would be the best of my life, I enjoy them fully. These English concerts were marvellous, the relations with my audience have never been so passionate. And moreover, my band is getting older. I think these improvements are coming from a certain atmosphere, a spirit which prevails around me. Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte work very hard every week, they both send me a tape full of instrumental demos the way Johnny Marr used to all those years agao. It's the only method of work I know. When this album is recorded, we'll see. Long term and I have never been good friends. the only sure things is that I'm going to write again. At the end of the year, a book - but not a novel - should be out. There is no place for me in the world of pop music. There is nothing I can do about it. I'm alone more than ever.

I haven't see Johnny Marr for than a year. We met frequently during 1993 but since, nothing. The only person I feel close to is Cantona. I feel a lot of compassion for him.
He was a victim of aggression and Eric answered, "If it had happened in the street, nobody would have shocked." I completely understand Eric, I'm a bit like the cantona of rock."

On this joke the tour manager returns, watch in hand "Time gentlemen." Morrissey poses for a few minutes, talks again of football and boxing then he takes his guest to the door.