An encounter with Electronic.
The following story and pictures were graciously donated by Carlo De Petris. The pictures were taken by Ken Salisbury and thus he owns the copyright.

It's been a decade since The Smiths broke up, but fans are still fascinated with Morrissey and Johnny Marr. This was proven on July 18, 1996 when Johnny Marr came to CFNY for their "Live in Toronto" show.
On the evening of July 18, 1996 at CFNY's "Live In Toronto" show, ken and I were two of the fortunate ones to get inside and meet Johnny Marr. Johnny was there to promote his album with fellow band memeber Bernard Sumner for their band "Electronic". Our afternoon in Toronto began at 2:30pm at which time we arrived at the Eaton Center. To our astonishment, there were only about 15 people in line. We therefore took our place and waited. Inevitably, the line grew. It grew until there was no end in sight.
When Johnny and Bernard arrived, the crowed became hysterical, charging forward hoping to get inside. Most were denied due to the fact that only those with a signature on their hand were allowed entry. Although we had the signature it didn't make it any easier for us to get in because of all the pushing and shoving that was going on.
We managed to get inside. Once inside, we got as close as we could taking pictures and calling Johnny over to us. We enjoyed listening to the question and answer session with CFNY and were treated to autographs. Ken had his photo taken with Johnny. I too had my picture taken with Johnny while he was autographing my "The Queen Is Dead" patch on the back of my jean jacket. Overall, Johnny Marr was everything I thought he would be and while leaving, I noticed that almost everyone we had seen in Toronto that day were there to see Johnny Marr.

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