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Articles and Interviews

1980s - "Uh, Sort of, Um" interview from the Red Door Records Picture Disc

June 9, 1984 - The Smiths, Record Mirror

February, 1993 - Rock Sound

March 28, 1995 - Les Inrockuptibles

September, 1995 - Q

September 6-12, 1995 - Les Inrockuptibles

December 10, 1995 - the Observer

January 19, 1996 - RTE Guide

1996 - Morrissey Bio by Jonathan Walsh

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Harmony Central: Morrissey

Harmony Central: Smiths

My guitar tab archive (rather old now)

Smiths Chord Archive

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Lyric base at IMAET - the place to look for lyrics

 The Smiths
All Smiths Album Lyrics [104K]
All Smiths Lyrics corrected by Antonio Barros (7/12/96)
All Smiths lyrics in MS Word format with album covers by Kyle Mason [294K].
Lyrics to a few Smiths B-sides
My Compilation of Morrissey B-Side Lyrics
My Guess at the lyrics to 'Your Arsenal'
Your Arsenal lyrics by DeepLennon
Lyrics from the UK Release of 'The Malady Lingers On.'
Lyrics to "Sunny"

Lyrics to "Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness" and "Steven (You Don't Eat Meat)" by Sandie Shaw

Where to find non-LP tracks by GurgleJerk

News Archives

December 3, 1983 - "The Charm School," Melody Maker

December 16, 1995 - concert review, The Japan Times

January 13, 1996 - Morrissey Cancels Swedish Tour, Gothenburg Post

July 18, 1996 - Johnny Marr at CFNY in Toronto

October 26, 1996 - news from Reprise Records

December, 1996 - Mike Joyce Sues

February 23, 1997 - Smiths Convention 1997

MTV news gallery


1995 - "In Person"

1995 - "Southpaw Grammar" with David Bowie

1997 - "Maladjusted"

1999 & 2000 -"Oye Esteban" at and