Morrissey- Rush To Danger (rarities volume 1)

This CD is a compilation of rare or hard-to-get tracks along the same lines as the now-deceased "Talent Borrows, Genius Steals." "Rush To Danger" is a good CD for either new fans or more venerable fans that are frustrated with finding those out-of-print singles. Die-hard collectors may enjoy this CD for that one song that's eluded them again and again at record shows. I was pleased with the recent live tracks on it.

The sleeve is very appropriate with Morrissey holding a lyric sheet with "Rush to Danger" scrawled on it. The back of the case is easy to read and keeps the red and black theme from the cover.
The audio quality is superb since most of the sources are CD.
I know many fans out there are hunting for the studio version of "Jack The Ripper." Well here it is! For many the CD is a find for just that track.

  1. I Know Very Well How I Got My Name (studio version)
  2. King Leer (live from the steve wizard show 9 sep 91)
  3. Jack The Ripper (studio version)
  4. Sunny (live from later with jools holland 11 nov 95)
  5. Jeane (original version from troy tate sessions)
  6. Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference/ My Insatiable One (live from colorado 1 oct 92)
  7. Interlude (studio version)
  8. William It Was Really Nothing (live from john peel show 9 oct 84)
  9. You've Had Her (studio version)
  10. Wonderful Woman (original version from troy tate sessions)
  11. Used To Be A Sweet Boy (live from scotland feb 95)
  12. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (live from brixton academy dec 86)
  13. Interlude Instrumental (studio version)
  14. Interview Part 1 (era first smiths anniversary)
I thought I'd ramble about some of the tracks now. Track 1 is great if you don't have "Suedehead" yet but I'd have preferred to see "I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong." Track 2 is a nice live track from way back in 1991 also found on the TV bootleg "Angelic Upstart." Tracks 3 and 9 are from the UK CD single for "Certain People I Know." I feel lucky now that I picked it up when it was first out. I very much enjoyed track 4 since I didn't have anything from that TV appearance on CD yet. Tracks 5 and 10 are classic Smiths tunes. These have been on several bootlegs but these versions are cleaner sounding than some. Track 6 is from the awesome bootleg "I'm A Poet." That track actually got me into Suede for a few years when that boot came out. Tracks 7 and 13 could be handy if you missed the "Interlude" single when it came out. Track 8 is a find. I've got it on the CD single for "Last Night...." -- another lucky find for me. It was sitting in a little record shop in Wisconsin for several months but no one was buying it -- probably because of the $15 price tag. I was new to the game and didn't think it was anything special. One day I had a listen to it and realized the b-sides weren't studio tracks but Peel Sessions. Track 11 is nice to have since I don't have any boots from the 1995 tour. Track 12 comes from The Smiths final show and is also on the WEA release of "There Is A Light...."

I'd suggest buying it if any of the above tracks have been eluding you. I'm looking forward to volume 2.

You can buy it from Recordings Unlimited.