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This is not an complete list of books about Morrissey and The Smiths. Most of these I have and am very pleased with. Feel free to let me know about other books you've found.

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  BIGMOUTH: Morrissey 1983 - 1993 by Pat Reid with an introduction by John Peel
ISBN: 0 9522068 0 3
Published by The Dunce Directive
Notes: Check out their web page (click on the title) for more info.

  The Complete Guide to the Music of The Smiths & Morrissey/Marr by Johnny Rogan
ISBN 0-7119-4900-X
UK order number OP 47768
Notes: it's only small (about the size of a CD, it fits rather nicely on my CD rack) but it contains reviews of all the Smiths' albums (except the Peel sessions) and all of Morrissey's work up to and including World of Morrissey. There are some very interesting tidbits of information in this book - lots of stuff re where Morrissey gets his samples from. Of course, the interpretations of the songs are only Rogan's opinion, but then he does know a little about Morrissey and the Smiths. It's always interesting to here someone else's reading of a song. There are also some delightful photographs (eight pages of colour - oooohhh!), both of Morrrissey, the whole band, and each individual, most of which I've never seen before. I guess what I'm saying is, I highly recommend this book! - Mark Collins
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James Dean Is Not Dead by Morrissey
Published by IMP:International Music Publications
ISBN 061-834-8296 (I'm not sure on this)
Notes: What can I say? Morrissey wrote it. Unfortunately Amazon.com doesn't have it, but you can find it here.

Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance by Johnny Rogan
Published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1838-4
Notes: More than you ever wanted to know about the great one.
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Morrissey in his own words by John Robertson
Published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1547-4
Notes: Enough quotes to keep your .sig file fresh for years.
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Morrissey: Landscapes of the Mind by David Bret
Published by Carroll & Graf Publishers
ISBN 0-7867-0218-4
Notes: A pleasant book that gives one a good amount of info on what Morrissey did after the Smiths.
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Morrissey Shot by Linder Sterling
Published by Secker & Warburg
ISBN 0-436-24824-7
Notes: Many black-and-white photos from the 1991 tour.
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Morrissey's Manchester -- the Essential Smiths Tour by Phill Gatenby
Published by Empire Publications
ISBN 1901746283
Notes: A must-have book if you're visiting Manchester.
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Peepholism: Into the Art of Morrissey by Jo Slee
Published by Sidgwick & Jackson
ISBN 0-283-06210-x
Notes: All the covers from 'Hand In Glove' to 'Vauxhall and I' plus concert backdrops. An awesome book. A must-have though now hard to find.
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The Smiths 1982-1987 by Bruna Zarini
Notes: An Italian lyric book in English and Italian. It comes with a 3" CD with "This Charming Man," "Still Ill," "Miserable Lie," and "What Difference Does It Make?" from the Amsterdam Meervaart show in 1984.

  The Smiths: All Men Have Secrets by Tom Gallagher (ed.), Michael Campbell and Murdo Gillies
Published by London, Virgin, 1995
ISBN 0863698743
Notes: This book has stories of what Smiths songs mean to fans. Maybe you'll read about someone you know?
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The Smiths "In Quotes"
Published by IMP:International Music Publications
ISBN 0-907188-26-5
Notes: Even more quotes to keep you busy. Johnny, Mike, and Andy get a few too.

the smiths: The Complete Story by Mick Middles
Published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1427-3
Notes: A nice book to give you a good overview of The Smiths' history.
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The Smiths The Visual Documentary by Johnny Rogan
Published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-3337-5
Notes: Many pictures and an impressive chronology.
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  Whatever Happened to 'the Smiths' by J.T. Wilson
ISBN: 1885513003
Published by Pr Club Pub Co
Notes: I stumbled upon this at Amazon.com. Anyone ever seen it?
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