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Chat Rooms/Boards

Several other web pages offer Javachat or Webboards for discussion. Some are International Playboys, Morrissey-Solo, Yahoo Morrissey Clubs, and Yahoo Smiths Clubs.

EFNet is another option for chatting. On their page they have all the necessary information to get you going. I hear that #Smiths and #Moz channels are good places to go.


E-mail List

I ran an e-mail list called Ask from August 1, 1995 until April 30, 1997. Before that there was Strangeways, then Bigmouth, and briefly MozTalk. Panic followed Ask until December of 1999. Now Maladjusted is the current list. You're sure to find great conversation and current information on this list.

You can either join through e-mail.



There are two main newsgroups right now, and As these are open to everyone you'll probably find more fluff than stuff.